The canyon is the gorge of the Okatse River, from which it received its name. The canyon has two "cascades". Okatse Canyon is washed in limestone by the Okatse River, which originates on the slopes of the plateau of Asha and flows into Tskhenistskali.

At the moment, it is one of the most popular natural attractions of the country for its entertainment. Near the Okatse canyonyou can see a narrow suspension bridge with a length of more than a kilometer and a height of up to 140 meters. Over the precipice the view is exciting and in some ways extreme, especially for those ,who are not a big fan of heights.
Martvili Canyon is located in Western Georgia, not far from a small town named Martvili. This is a relatively recently discovered tourist destination. Beautiful river gorge has created amazing relief formations , coastal plains and highlands where magnificent gardens are allocated on a thousand-year-old alluvial basis.
We can say that the canyon is divided into two parts - upper and lower, which are separated from each other by a shallow. On the upper part of the canyon you can go boating, on the lower part - just walk around and swim. In these places footprints of dinosaurs were discovered and that fact attracts even more tourists to this place. Members of the expedition, who were mostly paleontologists, came across the footprints by accident. On the limestone layer of the earth, in the light of the setting sun, the prints of the hind leg of a small carnivorous dinosaur were distinctly visible. And not far from the first footprint there was found another one, which most likely was made by a herbivorous dinosaur.
Martvili Canion is a perfect place to spend you time with family and friends.

In 150 meters from the main entrance on the right side over the river there is an excellent place for swimming in the wild. There are places hidden from the sunlight which are , therefore, very cool. Here you can organize small picnics and have the opportunity to use your fishing rods.
The Chkondid Church of All Saints is located in the town of Martvili. It was built in the first half of the 7th century. After the establishment of the Chkondid diocese in the Xth century, the Martvil church became the cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin. In 1104, David Agmashenebeli appropriated to Archbishop Chkondidi the status of prime minister (mtsignobartuhutsesi).

There used to be a scriptorium in the monastery. The manuscripts created here are kept in the National Center for Manuscripts of Georgia. The Martville church is one of the earliest cross-dome constructions and is similar to the Mtskheta Jvari. The Turkish and Arab invaders considerably damaged the church. Because of this, in the X century Abkhazian King George II (923-957) fully reconstructed the church. A new dome was erected, new walls were attached to the outside construction, and the eastern gate was added. The rulers of Odishi in the 16th-17th centuries ordered to paint the church. To the north of the main temple on the fence we can find a small three-story cross-domed church "Chikovani", erected from a hewn stone. According to the annals of "Kartlis Tskhovreba" ("The Life of Georgia"), the king of Georgia Bagrat IV (1027-1072) is buried in Martivilli Monastery.

In ancient times, Chkondidi was a center of pagan and cult religion. On the high pillar there was a "pedestal" - a huge oak tree. It represented the place of the pagan prayer for the idol Capunia, the patron of fertility, childbirth and well-being of the family, that was worshiped by the local population. Local priests - chkondars, sacrificed to him new born babies. In the same very place where the oak stood - the first Christian church named after Andrew the Apostle the First Call was built, who was preaching Christianity in Samegrelo.

In 2007 the monastery life was resumed in Martvili. A new monastery of St. Andrew the First Call and St. Nino’s Monastery were founded there .

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     Kinchkha - Gordy Waterfalls The Okatse River is interesting with two canyons that are considered to be one of the natural sights in western Georgia. The upper one (1020 meters above the sea level) is located in the area of the village of Kinchkha and, among other things, is distinguished by a powerful waterfall with a drop height of about 100 meters (it was nicknamed " Kinchkha "), forming a small lake, from which the water flow runs further, and the second cascade (altitude about 20 meters) is overthrown in the surroundings of the nearby village of Kveda Kinchkha. This part of the canyons is also remarkable for the fact that the local nobles used the natural reservoirs, formed here in several places, as a bath, as evidenced by the traces of special stone buildings that can now be found in that part of the upper canyon that is located 100-150 meters higher thana small stepped waterfall, after which, down to the great waterfall, stretches the most beautiful part of these canyons, which looks like carved from a polished white stone.

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