1)- Rafting is the sport that many consider one of the most extreme. The main essence of rafting is descending on various boats or rafts along the waters of stormy rivers. Rafting is an adventure, adrenaline, new impressions, strong emotions and, of course, teamwork.
   2)- The most interesting rafting place in Georgia is the Rioni River, due to its length (327 km). In various parts of Rioni, rafting complexity barriers/levels from 1 to 5 is possible. The river flows from the Upper Racha to Kutaisi. For beginners and fans, a calmer section of the river is recommended, which is in the Kutaisi area. More experienced rafting enthusiasts can choose longer and more interesting sites. The most complex (6th category) sections of the Rioni are the upper ones, near the village of Utsera.
   3)-Level of difficulty of the tour - 2-5 (medium) depending on the season. The minimum age of participants is 15 years. Two start rafting routes are available. 1 Oni- Ambrolauri, 35 km. Difficulty level of the tour - 2-4, duration - 3 hours 2 The Gorge of Tvishi, 16 km, Difficulty level of the tour - 2-4, duration - 1 hour 30 min
   4)-The price includes:
- equipment for rafting (rafts, oars, helmets, life jackets),
- training, - service of a rafting instructor,
- consultation on arranging the entrance
- departure

Rafting on the river Rioni